CJ Bishop - The Mote

Rising costs create opportunities

The subject of waste disposal might be bottom of a hospitality business owners priority list, but it’s an example of an area which can actually drive a different way of thinking.

The Mote has a location to die for, but it does create issues around deliveries and rubbish collection. The rising cost of commercial waste disposal has been the stimulus for CJ Bishop to take a fresh look at how her pub and restaurant operates. She’s been creative in a number of ways.


“It’s simple things like instead of throwing out used coffee granules, use them as a natural soil fertiliser,” she said. “Give your bottle tops to local schools to use as arts and crafts.
This supports both your local community and environment.”

The business also no longer uses bleach-based cleaning products, opting instead for more natural options such as bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. She’s sourced biodegradable cups and straws, creating a more sustainable business that resonates well with customers both old and new.

Key takeaways:

  1. Overhead costs can be reduced by thinking differently