Adam Kesacoff
Pitmaster, The Aussie Smoker
Understand your MVP

Understand your MVP

When starting out or any time really, understanding your MVP (minimum viable product) is essential. Think about what you can do that will make money while getting your customers to really promote it and feel like they are getting more value than you.

As a caterer, if people are not booking me then I am going backwards. So once a week, I have partnered up with a bar that does not offer food and is quiet on a Wednesday evening. By promoting myself and the bar for free on social media, running an online competition, which is further shared through social media, inviting a different photographer each week to shoot me and the food (and paying them in food) I am able to get people talking very rapidly about what I do and the vibe I bring. Understanding, my MVP means I can also do this at a cost which is low enough to entice people out midweek and make it regular which bring people into the bar where they wouldn’t have had custom usually and in tern they do not charge me to be there.

This is a win-win-win situation. The bar wins by having me there through exposure and profits, the customers win because they get great food at a very good price and I win because I am making money every week, getting feedback on my products and my marketing is being done for me for free, which has directly lead on to bigger jobs.