Shane Chorley
Owner, Chorley's

App it

We are living in a world that is forever evolving. With new technologies being introduced every day, you would be forgiven if you thought that these advancements are out of reach for most small businesses – in many cases that is true.

However, for businesses in the hospitality sector, particularly restaurants and takeaway, technology cannot be ignored. The Netflix era means people want what they want, and now. It doesn’t matter if it’s entertainment or food. Businesses that don’t do what they can to embrace this shift in public behaviour run the risk of being left behind.

As a new business (our second birthday was December 12 2018), since day one Chorley’s has been aware of this and we have worked to try deliver a platform that can help set us up for years to come – but at the same time the platform had to be affordable.

The official Chorley’s mobile app launched in October 2018. Delivering a range of benefits that the customer can use: book a table, loyalty cards, exclusive promos, digital and dynamic Menu and much more. The app does it all. To keep costs low all of the design work has been carried out in-house.

It’s not uncommon to have quotes in excess of £50-70,000 for a standard mobile app to be developed for this sector. This would would have been an unobtainable figure at this stage in our growth. However Chorley’s managed to find away to get the app operational at a fraction of the cost.

Chorley’s have taken this opportunity as early as possible so all our new customers can join our app at the start of their Chorley’s journey.

The core benefits to our business:

  • Affordable
  • The perfect personalised direct marketing platform
  • Eco friendly (No more paper takeaway menus)
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • 21st century customer service = modern brand identity
  • Reduced marketing budget demands (med-long term)