That’s a great question. A “improvement effort” is a change, large or small, that you’ve made in your business to improve its efficiency, competitiveness or productivity. It could be something as simple as taking orders from queuing customers before the kitchen opens, to making your assets work harder for you by opening your accommodation on new weekends through new holiday packages.

If there’s one thing we learnt from our Hospitality Hacks Cornwall Awards programme it’s how much knowledge and insight each and every hospitality business has without even knowing it. Don’t think of it as giving a rival your secret recipe, rather a fantastic opportunity to learn from the efforts of others. Hospitality businesses thrive when there is a collective effort to strive for excellence and create a destination both locals and tourists can’t miss out on. While your own team will be a great source of new ideas, think of being part of Hospitality Heroes as like having access to hundreds of those teams!

You’d really be surprised what innovation and ingenuity you and your business has shown – even if it’s just focused on one small thing. Think about that one thing in the last year you’re really proud of, or the little touch most customers comment on. That’s what we want you to share.

We’ve designed it to be super simple. Simply submit a video, a text or an image and describe the impact your effort has had. Ready to go? You can do so here.

You just need to let us know your name, your business name, job title and email address.

We’ll then ask you to produce a password so you can revisit your account to enter additional entries.

On the entry page, we’ll need to know what kind of insight you’re sharing (video, image or text-based), the category it fits into and then a brief description of it in action.

Again, we’ve made this as easy as possible. You can submit a video, an image or simply a text description. Videos should be in MP4 format, but don’t worry as that’s the format your smartphone will produce them in.

Definitely! We want people from every level of the business sharing their efforts.