Cornwall Hospitality Leaders Network

We have found that many SMEs don’t have an effective network of peers that they can talk with about how they manage and run their businesses.

We are building those peer networks, starting with the Cornwall Hospitality Leaders Network.

The Cornwall Hospitality Leaders Network flies the flag of business improvement with Cornish hospitality firms. Launched in early 2018, we give business leaders the time and tools to work on their business together. Through our off-season masterclass events we bring the most innovative and established industry leaders to Cornwall and provide a platform for networking.

With around 100 business leaders and established links to high-profile industry players, the Cornwall Hospitality Leaders Network (CHLN) supports its members to unleash their potential.

Whether it’s finding new ways to incentivise and engage with your staff, taking an honest look at your own leadership and management style or investing in the kind of tools and technology that will help prepare your business for the next stage, there is no better way to tackle these kinds of challenges than by collaborating with others who have been there and got the t-shirt.

One of the key productivity gains in sharing best practice and experience among businesses is time saved. Now, instead of trying to solve a problem at the beginning, SME owners in Cornwall can reach out to their community and build out a solution borrowing from the experience of others. Even simple advice on what not to try, can help save a business inordinate amounts of time and money.

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