About Hospitality Heroes

If you work in the hospitality industry – whether that’s as an employee, a manager or a hospitality business owner – Hospitality Heroes is here to shine a light on the small things you do to perfect processes, elevate experiences, and keep customers coming back for more.

Let’s hear about your small changes!

In 2019 we held our Hospitality Hacks Cornwall Awards campaign, which saw over 100 business submit more than 200 “hacks” across eight categories. It really showed the power of businesses from the same industry sharing the improvement efforts that have helped win new customers, empower staff to take on a bigger role or cut down on costs.

We want to keep giving hospitality businesses the opportunity to see first-hand the real things real people are doing, which is why we’ve created Hospitality Heroes. Meet our first set of heroes, those who our judges picked as overall winners at our awards evening in February 2019. Their inspiring stories show the importance of thinking small and not being afraid to change how things are done. We hope they’ll encourage you to share.

Do you give guests a personalized activity and weather report? Can your business take bookings over WhatsApp? Have you updated the layout of your kitchen to increase efficiency? Or perhaps you’ve come up with another small way of making things run better? If so, then we want you to share your story.

Hospitality Heroes provides a platform for anyone working in Cornish hospitality to share the small things that together can add up to making a big difference. This is all about sharing, learning and being inspired by each other.

About Be the Business

Do you want to increase revenues, reduce costs or gain new customers? Be the Business is bringing together companies large and small to make the UK a hub for the most ambitious firms in the world. We’re working with local business leaders to make Cornwall home to the best hospitality businesses in the country.

The Cornwall Hospitality Leaders Network flies the flag of business improvement with Cornish hospitality firms. Launched earlier in 2018, we give business leaders the time and tools to work on their business together. Through our off-season masterclass events we bring the most innovative and established industry leaders to Cornwall and provide a platform for networking.

With around 100 business leaders and established links to high-profile industry players, the Cornwall Hospitality Leaders Network (CHLN) supports its members to unleash their potential.

Whether it’s finding new ways to incentivise and engage with your staff, taking an honest look at your own leadership and management style or investing in the kind of tools and technology that will help prepare your business for the next stage, there is no better way to tackle these kinds of challenges than by collaborating with others who have been there and got the t-shirt.

Find out more by visiting the Be the Business website.